Sunday, July 15, 2012

Headed for a Disapointment

Romney Will Win Big
NOT! Anyone who believes that Romney will win by a landslide is in for a BIG surprise. You can already see how this election is going and so far, we're not impressed. Obama attacks and Romney is slow at responding. Romney seems like a pussy cat against Obama. Obama has been busy BLASTING Romney with his negative Bain ads and he's been having a strong affect. Romney is loosing points in the polls. So far, it's been rather pathetic for Romney supporters and disgusting for the rest of us.

They Forget
The Romney "sayers" forget one thing about Barack Hussein Obama - He beat-out Hillary for the nomination in 2008 against all odds. That says a lot when it comes to politicking. Obama is no slouch at winning elections. He's beginning to prove that once again. His community organizing talents are coming to bear once again. Beware, this is an omen for Romney.

Dirty Politcs
Yes, Obama fights dirty. That's what he knows how to do best as a Marxist (yes Obama IS a MARXIST), and besides we all agree that he cannot brag about his record of destroying jobs, nationalizing banks and automobile industries, and of course, creating socialized medicine with ObamaCare. Americans are NOT happy about that but they still respect Obama. They also like Obama because he seems like a nice guy. Romney doesn't have the respect of the voters and he doesn't know how to get it either! The GOP is good at choosing losers. (Bob Dole, and John McCain are their most recent losers).

But if Obama can paint the other guy as the "Biggest Looser" of the two, he will win again and that's all that matters. So far, this strategy is working for Obama. This CAN happen and the way it's going now, it probably will.

Third Party
These are all good reasons why we need a third political party. The GOP consistently offers-up bad choices for the everyday citizens while reinforcing their "Good-Old-Boy" establishment. That's disgusting and many Americans feel the same. We're getting tired to the same-old-BS year after year. The "Establishment" continues and we are left with no real choice but to elect the best of two evils. That sucks!

One of the reasons why Ron Paul is so popular is that he listens to the people that the GOP ignore. He understands what the Constitution is all about and defends it on a regular basis - unlike his GOP counterparts. Today's GOP has become part of the political problem and they are unable to rid themselves of the corruption destroying the county. Many GOPs have, in fact, become Progressives themselves. This is KILLING America.

What's Coming
Independents will decide this coming election. So far, Romney is NOT making any points with them. They are skeptical of him for many reasons. People who believe that things will be much different with Romney as President will see little difference if it happens. However, we won't have to worry, because the way he's campaigning now, Obama will win again.

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