Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's The Plan

Our Economy is Failing
Look at the numbers. Obama has been in office just under four years now. Yes, he inherited a bad economy. He told us that he knew what to do to get us back on track. We had "Hope" and wanted "Change" so we elected him. We didn't look too carefully at his qualifications or his past experience. We just wanted "Change."

We got it!
Obama made no bones about "fundamentally changing America" five days before his election. Obama is following his undisclosed plan to change America. He's NOT a stupid man. He's NOT a failure. He IS succeeding in his plans to bring-down the economy and lower America to a new sub-standard level.

We are the stupid ones!

Look around. Unless you're blind, you should be able to see that Obama's plan is working. Unemployment is still way over 8%, there are no jobs, and people from coast to coast are suffering like never before. Obama wants these things to happen. He will never say so but he IS trying to collapse our economy with his policies and his regulations AND it's working.

Obama got his ideas about America from his father. Read his book. Obama's father hated colonialism (including Great Britain and America) and believed that America was THE biggest colonizer in the world. Obama believes that America has stolen everything from its foreign competitors. He's here to punish us all for being the bad guys for so long.

What To Do
The worst thing you can do is to re-elect him and give him four more years to keep destroying America. We're NOT enthusiastic about Mitt Romney but we also don't like the direction that Obama has taken us. We can't take four more years of this guy.

Wake up and see the BIG Picture. America is failing because of record deficits and Obama keeps borrowing and spending. Do you seriously believe that we can continue to do this?

If so, God help us all.

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