Thursday, July 19, 2012

Read Between the Lines...

The True Picture
We all know that both presidential campaigns are ramping-up and beginning to pound their messages out to all of us loud and clear. Remember though, that this is campaign rhetoric. As stated in previous articles, when it comes to Barack Obama, you have to watch both hands to truly understand what he's doing.

Latest Claims
Obama is campaigning that he wants to create jobs and that that will be his focus for his next term in office. He's busy telling us all that He's looking out for you! So what the Hell was his focus in the first term? Who was he looking-out for then? Did we miss something there?

Obama bloviates (blows smoke) all the time about creating all those "new jobs" but in reality, there are no jobs! He brags about saving the automobile industry from failure, but once again, in reality, he saved the unions at the shareholder's expense using taxpayer's money to do so. He just bailed-out his union buddies and gave them exemptions out of ObamaCare, as well.

Question: If Obama really cared about creating jobs, then why hasn't the Obama Jobs Council met in the last six months? It's a fact, Obama's top job creators have NOT met since the inception of the council. That doesn't sound too convincing that he's interested in creating jobs now does it? No, it was done for the photo-ops and good publicity at the time. Why did he bother initiating this group in the first place? If the Jobs Council was a top priority, they would meet on a regular basis. The Jobs Council was just a stunt to make you think that Obama gives a care about your employment.

Need More Proof?
Here's the clincher. If Obama was seriously concerned about creating jobs wouldn't it show up in the amount of time he's spent performing that activity? A President's time is valuable and limited. He has a daily schedule that is booked-out weeks in advance, charting every minute of the day. Let's focus on just that.

Did you know that President Obama has attended 100 fund raisers in just the last six months? That's not a typo or misprint. He has gone to 100 fund raisers in 6 months. That's more time devoted towards his OWN re-election than any other President before him. Each one took a big chunk of HIS time away from his day job as President. It appears like he's more concerned about raising money for HIS job then he is about helping you or your friends get/keep their jobs. Wouldn't you have expected Obama to be doing something towards job creation instead of utilizing his time for just HIS benefit? He clearly says one thing, but does another. That's not trustworthy behavior and people better wise-up soon.

Morale of the Story
Don't focus on the sound bites coming from the White House. Don't be quelled into la la land by Obama's speeches. Look at Obama's actions to understand exactly where HIS priorities are and where he places job creation on the list of HIS priorities.

Wake-up! Obama's actions don't correspond to his words. He's full of propaganda and lies, but never delivers as promised. He's a big hoax. He keeps fooling Americans everyday. When will we all get the message?

Will Americans re-elect him so he can complete the destruction of the Greatest Country in the World? God, we hope not!

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