Friday, July 20, 2012

He's Got Nothin'

Latest Campaign Ploy
The Obama political campaign is screaming foul because of a current Romney TV ad that quotes Obama by showing Obama speaking. They say that Romney is "distorting the president's words." Ironic? Hardly! This is just plain stupid!

The ad does NOT take Obama's comments out of context. Obama actually is doing the talking and saying the words that the DEMs are arguing that this is a "distortion." It shows Obama's true colors and they are NOT RED, WHITE, and BLUE.

Caught Red-Handed
So when you catch Obama red-handed saying something that his political campaign does not like, they deny that he said it or claim that it was a distorted video clip.

Boy, they must really think that we are all STUPID. We should feel insulted by this reaction and we should let them know. You cannot deny what Obama says when he's been videotaped saying it. DUH?

Wearing Thin...
This is just more lies and more propaganda. With just over 3 more months to go, we're already getting tired of this bad behavior. Obama can't own up to his own words! Why should we believe him?

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