Monday, July 16, 2012

When In Doubt

Float a Trial Ballon
Frankly, we're getting a bit tired of the Corrupt Media's rumor mill. Today's big one is that Romney has already chosen his running mate and it's Tim Pawlenty. YUK!! Oh REALLY?

This is just another attempt to cause a ruckus among conservative circles. Do you actually believe the Corrupt Media in the first place? Where did they get their information? Have they verified it or are they just floating another rumor to see if the American public is good with it?

It probably helps sell printed newspapers too. Take the news for what it's worth. Not much...

The Polls
Today's rumor about Romney's running mate is almost like the daily polls that come and go like your daily weather reports. Sometimes they are right on while other times they miss the boat completely. At least we can blame that one on the weatherman/woman (just being PC correct here folks).

A Grain of Salt
What should you learn about all this BS? Take it with a grain of fault. (In other words, ignore it). The GOP is using the Corrupt Media to do their dirty work. They leak a rumor and then the media goes crazy for a day or two running the "story."

And, this is not news. It's propaganda. Wake up and realize that you are the target audience for the CRAP that the Corrupt Media call news. And shame on the GOP Establishment for trying to brainwash us.

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