Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Both Ways

Tax Cheat
Someone needs to send the message to President Obama that you can't have it both ways. It's supposedly OK for him to go around saying that he wants to see 10 years of Romney's tax returns without ANY evidence that Romney never paid his taxes. Meanwhile Obama's pit bulls are out chiding to the Corrupt Media that Romney didn't pay ANY taxes. These are just allegations without proof to back them up. It's a Saul Alinsky dirty tricks strategy. It's disgusting.

So how does Obama explain that it's OK for him to hire and defend Timothy Geithner Treasury Secretary, when he didn't pay any taxes? This is trying to have things both ways and is hypocritical in the very least. Obama doesn't see any problem with HIS actions.

BS (Barack Stupid) Logic
Obama Logic: "Don't do as I do, do as I say." It's OK for the folks working for him NOT to pay their taxes, but if they don't work for Obama, he wants to accuse them of NOT paying. If you support this logic, you're a moron - just like Obama.

It gets even worse. Obama is initiating class warfare pitting the rich (including the middle class) against the poor. Obama claims that the rich need to "Pay their fair share." Once again, he wants it both ways. Obama ignores that 49.5% of Americans do NOT PAY ANY FEDERAL TAXES! In the same breath, he wants to raise taxes on those that do pay taxes. He wants it both ways again. Who decides who pays? The unfair Progressive tax code does!

Shouldn't Obama be striving to see that EVERYBODY pays taxes? Isn't that fair? Why is it fair for half not to a pay anything? But no, he shows his ILLOGICAL THINKING by dividing the country instead of bringing it together.

Obama IS POISON. He's bad for America and American values. He's doing his best to change OUR country into HIS vision. FIRE HIM in November.

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