Monday, August 27, 2012

Call 911

Not Over His Head
By now you have seen the slow destruction taking place here in America and it's not very pretty. Businesses close, people loose their jobs, their houses, and their dignity. We never really got out of the Great Recession even though the government and politicians tell us we did. In fact, the government lies to us about it because the government can't fix it. Why should they tell us that they have failed? It's deliberate.

President Obama has been accused by his followers that he is in over his head. We adamantly disagree. He's too smart. He has set in motion a series of events that are actually following HIS plan. That plan is not public, but personally held by Obama. This explains his CZARS, his policies, his take-overs, his bailouts, failed Green Energy projects, and his regulations.

His Plan
He believes that America has stolen, ransacked, and pilfered natural resources from all the poor countries in the world. He considers America as the "Great Colonizer." Now that he's in charge, he's going to pay them all back. He's going to lower America from being a world power to that of a world follower. He believes it's time to let other countries flourish at OUR expense because we took it all away from them.

This explains why he refuses to promote drilling for our own natural resources. His anti-energy regulations follow suit as well. He hates coal and is destroying the entire industry by over-regulating them out-of-existence. His Stimulus gave BILLIONS to foreign countries under the guise of Green Energy. He spends more than we take-in knowing full-well that it will break our economy over time. That's why he will never quit borrowing and spending and always wants to raise your taxes.

Obama also believes that the average poor persons here in America - really aren't poor compared to where he lived as a youngster in Kenya, Africa. He wants to lower that playing field and doesn't care what happens here. Scarier yet, he wants to diminish our military to a second-rate military and reduce our nuclear arms to ZERO!

This isn't a theory. Look around you. It's happening as we speak. Slow deterioration and deliberate over spending and borrowing that we cannot afford. Obama knows this!

Action To Take (Call 911)
Talk to like-minded people and get them to commit to vote Obama out-of-office in November. America will never be the same if we don't get him out of power.

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