Friday, August 31, 2012

Got It Right

The GOP Hit A Nerve
You can tell that the Republicans got it right with their convention speakers because the Corrupt Media is upset with a few of the GOP speakers. In fact, MSNBC edited-out the minority speakers from their coverage altogether. Do you suppose this was just an accident or a coincidence?

As soon as Clint Eastwood walked off stage last night, the Corrupt Media began bashing Eastwood's presentation. This is a good way of telling you that his message was right-on-target. The Corrupt Media cannot stand anyone criticizing THEIR FAVORITE half white/half black President because they see the POTUS as "Mr. Perfect."

Entertaining & Evidence is Abundant
Look in various Corrupt Media sources today and read or listen to what they have to say about Eastwood. It is truly entertaining to see just how Pissed-off they are with Eastwood's speech. They all illustrate their bias and show their propaganda and spin. It's so obvious once you understand their position in support of Obama. Look for yourself. Be objective. You can't miss it.

The Corrupt Media is also upset because Romney and Ryan had uninterrupted national TV time to present their positions to the American public across the nation. They did so without the usual twisted BIAS coming form the media - or at least not until they were finished with their speeches.

Well Done!
The GOP actually scored big points with the American public this week. There's bound to be a "Bounce" for both Romney and Ryan from it. The nice thing is there's NOTHING the Corrupt Media can do about it!

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