Thursday, August 30, 2012

Still Undecided?

If you're one of this REAL voters who remain undecided, why is that? You've lived and experienced the last 3+ years of the Obama administration. You may have voted for him. Some argue that if you're undecided, you should vote at all! We definitely think that's wrong because everyone should have the opportunity to vote here in America.

Questions To Ask Yourself
Before pondering about Romney, you seriously need to ask yourself a few questions about the current president.

  • Do you personally believe that the country is heading in the right direction under Obama?
  • Are you unemployed or know anyone who is? How long have they/you been out-of-work? Where are the jobs? Why is unemployment hanging up over 8% for the last 41 months?
  • Do you believe that Americans should fight among themselves about one person's wealth and another person's lack of it?
  • Are you happy with the latest news about ObamaCare costs skyrocketing? Is it fair to steal $716 BILLION from Medicare to pay for ObamaCare?
  • Are you sick of NEGATIVE political ads? Shouldn't both sides be discussing the economy, the debt, and borrowing from China?
  • Why doesn't Obama allow drilling for oil, natural gas, and coal in the USA when he promotes it in foreign countries with massive federal loans and trade agreements? Do you like $4.00+ gas?
  • What has Obama accomplished in the 3+ years in office besides passing ObamaCare?
  • Why hasn't this government passed a budget since he took office? Shouldn't he lead them to do so to get a balanced budget in place?
  • Why are we STILL in Afghanistan? We killed Bin Laden!
  • Are you aware that any savings you have has depreciated by 39% because Obama's government allows the printing of money causing it to be de-valued?  This hurts seniors on fixed incomes and anyone trying to get ahead.
  • What has Obama done to stop IRAN from getting nuclear weapons? Should he do anything?
  • After almost 4 years, shouldn't President Obama take responsibility for HIS policies, bailouts, and take-overs? Has he?
  • Are you better off now than before Obama took office?

Time To Get Off The Fence
Now you need to study Romney and give him the same going-over. Ask whatever you can to learn what he claims he will do to fix America's problems. Get involved in this election. It's the most important election in this century. Is it OK for America to continue to decline under Obama's style of "leadership," or we will try a new course of direction?

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