Saturday, September 1, 2012

Where's the Investigation?

Classified Leaks
Are you aware that the Obama administration is guilty of leaking classified documents to the Corrupt Media? When it was reported, the White House said that no one in Obama's staff has disclosed ANY classified information to the media. However, the reporter who used it claimed that their source was someone in Obama's inner cabinet.

When pressed on this issue, Press Secretary Carney claimed that the Obama administration was investigating these allegations. So where did that go? Was there ANY investigation at all?  How did the press find out top secret details about the Bin Laden raid? We never heard from the White House.

This is yet another scandal that the Corrupt Media has swept under the carpet to help re-elect their favorite Emperor. Do you honestly believe that the administration can objectively investigate itself? Hardly! This should require an independent investigation from an outside source. But no, it's a done deal and no one in the White House staff committed TREASON.

Don't Accept This
Why should we all be stonewalled by Obama? This is a serious enough thing to require a serious response. DEMAND an independent investigation. This act was TREASON and it put American lives in danger! Let the chips fall where they may. We demand the TRUTH!

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