Monday, September 17, 2012

Don't Believe the Polls

The Media Lies
The corrupt media is working hard every day to re-elect President Obama. In effect, the Corrupt Media is working for Obama! They use propaganda to help sway voters who are foolish enough to listen to their lies and distorted "information."

The Proof
The proof is in the following graph. It shows that recent polls are all deliberately distorted to make voters believe that Obama is pulling away from Romney. These polls interview and gather information from more Deomocrats than Republicans. This fact alone explains who the media is lying to you and trying to literally "brainwash" your thinking into voting for their guy!

Note: Rasmussen seems to be the ONLY reliable poller. They are NOT a media outlet!

Don't Be Mislead
You need to stop and take a hard look at whatever the media passes along to you as "news" or "polls." Do NOT assume that they are reputable in their findings. Do NOT trust ANY poll provided by ANY media outlet. They are all BIASED and skew the results to get you to vote for OBAMA!

Bottom Line
You are being manipulated by the Corrupt Media each and every day. They are working hard to report good news about Obama and bad news about Romney. Look for it. It's there every day in every media outlet. Don't be blinded and mislead any longer. Stop believing the LIES coming out of the media.

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