Thursday, September 20, 2012

ObamaMerica 2016

Obama's 2nd Term
No one has a crystal ball, but let's suppose that President Obama gets re-elected for a second term. We should all be aware that he said that "I believe in re-distribution." This was spoken in his own words on more than one occasion.

Let's assume that he doesn't push us into WW III in the Middle East by his blunders in foreign policies. Let's assume that he will keep his promise to continue with his plans to reduce our military and nuclear weapons. Let's assume that he will continue to bailout banks, borrow tons of money, devalue the dollar,  and allow unemployment to remain over 8%.

Housing Bubble Re-visited
Everyone in the USA will become home owners in Obama's 2nd term. Fannie and Freddie will give mortgages to everybody - even the unemployed on food stamps! Here are several photos of what urban and country life will look like:

Four Person House

Eco-Concious House

Urban Delight

Space Saver

Re-Cycled Storage Containers

Obama Village (subdivision)

Multi-Family Dwelling

Stationary or Portable Homes

Cosy Cottage

DIY 80 Sq Ft Home

Redistribution Works!
You can see by these photos that Obama's redistribution actually works. You've gotta love it! Be sure and vote him into the White House for another term. Just look what he has in store for all of us.

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