Wednesday, September 19, 2012

End of The GOP?

What If Romney Looses?
It seems that the Republican Party always seems to pick a guy that turns-out to be a not-so-good candidate. They certainly did it with Bob Dole, John McCain, and now Mitt Romney. Why is this? Is Romney going to become another Republican failure? 52 more days and we'll know for sure if he's just another looser. So who are the winners?

There's a secret organization in Washington. It's called the "Good-Old-Boys." They are comprised of the career politicians who love POWER and want to keep it at all odds. They really don't care who wins or looses. Oh, by the way, this includes both parties. These are the folks who have been in office way past two terms. Some have been there almost 40 years! This ISN'T what the Founders originally planned. These people have become obsessed with greed and power. They are the best politician that money can buy! Hence, their low approval rate.

Back in the days when the two parties were young, they both actually had some basic tenants that they believed and followed. Over time, both parties became seriously corrupted. What's worse, is that Progressives infiltrated both parties. So Democrats no longer look-out for the small guy and Republicans are just that! They are Republican in name only (RINOs). Neither party can be trusted. They have been corrupted to their core. They will lie, cheat, steal, beg, borrow, and do anything to stay in office. They are true politicians. They don't care about you - only themselves.  For example: look at the fact they haven't passed a budget since Obama took office. Or, look at the fact they keep spending and borrowing without ANY cutting. These are the "Good-Old-Boys" in action.  And, they remain very powerful to this day. They will never capitulate and give away these powers by legislating term limits. NEVER! Life is too good as a career politician.

So what will happen to the Republican Party if Romney looses? Who CARES? They won't fade away. Oh, they will continue under the false banner of being "conservative," but we all know that's a lie. They lie just as bad as the Corrupt Media - which is a whole other story.

The Tea Party is alive and well in America. If Obama doesn't totally destroy America in four more years, there may be something left to work on. However, we doubt it. Obama is doing too good a job. It's hard to predict, but we know America will be quite different than is is now. Even if Romney won the election, he could NOT repair the damage Obama has done in just four years. And remember, Romney is also part of the Good-Old-Boy network. That's why he became the GOP candidate at the expense of the others.

Like the Cuban immigrant said; "We didn't know that the revolutionary Castro was a Communist until he took over." This has a familiar ring to it today here in America. Unfortunately today's youth has no clue to what a Marxist looks like even when they helped elect him to the White House.

There will remain factions of the Tea Party even if Romney looses. Maybe he should loose. Americans are way too slow to be seeing the "Big Picture" of where Obama is taking this country. His idea of "redistribution" isn't what we think it is. No, Obama wants to redistribute America's wealth to the world in which we "stole it." This explains why he loves to regulate jobs, take-over car companies and banks, outsource work, give away our natural resources, devalue our currency, and make energy costs skyrocket. Does that sound like a guy who's trying to make things better here in America? Ahhhh, but there are so many who still love him. They are the foolish people who have become dependent on Big Government give aways. And, they don't pay ANY taxes. Once enslaved, it will be too late.

Perhaps way in the future, the fragments left of those who want freedom over oppression will uprise and try and form a new government. We are talking about the overthrowing of ObamaMerica. America will no longer exist. You won't recognize ObamaMerica because there will be little (if ANY) freedom and the government will be totally in charge of your lives. Most of us will either be dead or too old to participate. It will be up to our grand children who we are screwing now by our inaction and disbelieve that Obama is not a bad man.

We can only wish that there will be another Revolution to create America once again. These days are fast fleeting… The fate of America is in YOUR HANDS.

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