Friday, September 21, 2012

The Cult

Negative Achievements
How can ANY President be as popular as Obama? Don't people get the picture? Obama's domestic policies are the worst in modern history. Unemployment remains over 8% and has been stuck there for 42 months. His latest excuse is that things were much much worse than expected when he took office. Hence, he still needs more time to make things right. This is a clever political approach for not taking ANY responsibility for HIS actions, HIS regulations, HIS takeovers, HIS Bailouts, and HIS spending and borrowing.

The Corrupt Media ignores his failings because they are owned and controlled by none other than George Soros. This is the guy who likes to topple governments for a hobby. One of his 5 steps to collapsing a government is to take-over and control the media. And, Soros has the money to do it.

Master of Deception
Well, something's working because he has 47% of the population that actually believes him. If you study world history, you will see many parallels between Obama and the Fascist leaders of the 1930s. This is no joke. Obama has marketed a likable picture of himself and people like him just as they liked Mussolini and Hitler in the beginning of their rein of world-wide terror and destruction.

Obama's New Symbols
Obama thinks so much of himself, that he is promoting a new flag for his regime. He calls it "Our Stripes Flag Print." Here it is:

He also has a new poster which glorifies himself like no other as the unifier:

Back last March, the Florida Democratic Party flew the following flag until US veterans complained about it desecrating the American flag.

These things are no accident! WAKE UP! These are perfect examples of narcissism, as well as, the desecration of the American Flag. Obama has no conscience, and he sees nothing wrong with these flags and posters because they glorify HIM. Here is yet another recent example of self-glorification:

All red-blooded Americans should be seeing the RED WARNING flag instead. This is a significant warning, but most people have missed it - just like they did in Italy and Germany back in the 1930s. Obama is such a likable guy, the folks miss the point that he is DANGEROUS to their future.

Doctor Jekyll
Little by little Obama unmasks himself and shows us who the REAL guy is under his facade. If you look at his list of executive directives, it's clear that he is planning a power grab of historical proportions. This includes: controlling the Internet, all communications, and giving the military power to arrest US civilians in their own homes. He also "updated" the rules for martial law. Yet no one challenges him. And why have several federal government departments been buying MILLIONS of rounds of ammunition (including the Department of Homeland Security, Social Security Administration and Fish and Wildlife Department)? No one cares.

This cult of followers will regret their foolishness, if Obama gets re-elected. After another four years, they won't recognized the fundamental transformation of America into ObamaMerica.

God help us all.

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