Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Campaign SPAM

Sound Familiar?
SPAMMER: "Hi, my name is Tanika and I'm taking a politically neutral survey…"

YOU: "Ah, no thanks Tanika, I don't want to participate and thanks for calling me right in the middle of my dinner hour."

SPAMMER: "But this will only take a moment, can we count on your participation?"

YOU: "Tanika, please put me on your no call list. I appreciate your cooperation."

SPAMMER: "Well then if you don't have time to participate, perhaps you would like to make a political donation to your favorite party."

YOU: What's the use? CLICK!

Worse Yet
PHONE: Ring, ring…

YOU: "Hello?"

PHONE: "Hi, I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message… "

YOU: Click.

That was another machine recorded way of badgering voters. Candidates are now using electronic messaging systems to deliver their respective PROPAGANDA to anyone who has a telephone. It's worse than junk mail - especially if you get it on your cell phone where you pay for each minute! This is an example of computer assisted telephone SPAM - AND it's even more annoying to find-out that there is no LIVE person at the other end! No instead, the caller insists on being so impersonal as to use a machine to call and talk to you. This method is more economically viable because there are little or NO OPERATING COSTS!

Do they REALLY think that this will make you change your mind? Would you feel more compelled to vote for the bastard who keeps on annoying you at all times of the day and night?

It's bad enough to be bombarded with all the negative ads on TV by both parties. If you're in a "Swing State" you are the chosen lucky ones to receive the extra special treatment of TELEPHONE SPAM! Thanks a lot!

Glad When It's Over
There's less than a month left in the Presidential campaign. We can't wait until this election is over and done. The money WASTED on negative campaigning, TV ads, and Telephone SPAMMING is wasteful, disgusting, and down-right deplorable. All this money is spent to attract those pesky "independent voters" who haven't made up their mind yet. Are these people living under a rock? It ignores the fact that the MAJORITY of voters have already made up their minds and it's being wasted on them. In fact, it could even turn-off voters from going to the polls. This is especially true in those all important "Swing States."

If you haven't made up your mind yet, then you're an IDIOT! Don't bother to clutter up the voting polls on November.

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