Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Think About This
Obama is considered by some to be the "Food Stamp President" because under his term he has added well over 11 MILLION more people to the food stamp entitlement. This is because under Obama's administration, unemployment is as bad or worse than that of the Great Depression of the 1930s. Obama is proud of this record and claims that he is helping Americans by bailing them out of trouble. This is in spite of the fact that it was HIS policies, regulations, and bailouts, that are responsible for the high unemployment. Obama wants a "Nanny State" for America. He also boasts that he has helped the unemployed by getting Congress to extend the unemployment benefits to just short of three years. THREE YEARS!

Think About It
The Federal government will pay you not to work for almost three years. That's incentive for the unemployed NOT to look for work, let alone want to work. Why work at all when the government will pay you to stay at home, watch TV, talk on your free Obama cell phone, and shop for groceries with food stamps. No wonder people are comfortable being unemployed. The Obama government will bail them out and take care of them for free.

Although wasteful, these Federal "programs" are considered to be "entitlements." You don't have to work to get free stuff. The poor suckers who pay Federal taxes (53% of us) foot the bill for their free stuff. The 53% are the fools because they work, pay taxes and get NOTHING FREE in exchange for doing so - except the ethic that they can take care of themselves. The 53% are all self-sufficient and want it that way. The 53% believe that all people are created with the same opportunities for happiness and prosperity - if they work for it! And, most important, the 53% still have their self-respect!

Obama's Entitlements
Think what would happen to President Obama and his wife Michelle, if Romney wins the November election. Whoops, there goes all of Obama's "entitlements." No more Air Force One for those vacations and campaign money raising events. Only one or two body guards instead of the carloads required to guard the President when he travels. No more golf and vacations at Camp David. No more expensive rides in "The Beast." No more multi-million dollar bus rides either. No more government paid political campaigns. No more free food, free house, free everything!

And Michelle, poor Michelle. She won't be able to take those lavish vacations to exotic places on the taxpayer's dime. Boo Hoo. No more White House dinners with Hollywood stars. No more State Dinners for foreign dignitaries. And no more lavish wardrobes of designer clothes. No, she will have to pay for them.

And don't forget their two daughters. They won't be able to take expensive trips to Mexico with 30 of their classmates on the taxpayer's credit card. All these entitlements will disappear.

The Obama's REALLY have a lot to loose, don't they?

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