Friday, October 12, 2012

Obama's Watergate

New Sign
There's a new sign posted around the White House. Too bad the Corrupt Soros Media isn't reporting much on it. A crime was committed by this administration and only a few seem to care.

White House Sign

When your own government lies to you for political reasons, it's time to get worried. They have changed the story so many times about the Libyan assignations, they can't keep it straight. It's hard when they lie because they have to remember all of the PROPAGANDA that they fed us.

They (OUR GOVERNMENT) need to be held accountable and that INCLUDES the President AND the Secretary of State. They have been involved in a cover-up to protect Obama's re-election bid. That's a pathetic reason to be dishonest with the American public.

Action To Take
Demand the TRUTH. Ask who's the source for the lame excuse that a video caused the riots. Did that make-believe-story originate from the White House first?  This will narrow the search for the BIGGEST LIARS. Encourage your Congressional Reps to continue their investigation and hold the bastards responsible for a change.

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