Saturday, October 13, 2012

Crystal Ball

It's all over the Internet that if Obama looses to Romney, the anarchists will RIOT! The rumors floating around are nothing more than trial balloons to get the anarchists ready for their attempt to overthrow the election results and trash our government. Whether you believe it or not, these heinous individuals are following George Soros's plan to overthrow a government - OURS!

As published back on September 26, 2012, we pointed-out the five steps that Soros has used successfully (at least 5 times before) to overthrow governments. The steps are:

  1. Form a shadow government - DONE!
  2. Control the airwaves - The Corrupt Media - Done!
  3. Destabilize the state - Getting there...
  4. Provoke an election crisis - Riot the election results - DONE!
  5. Stage massive demonstrations (riots) - COMING - Fire-up the OWS guys and continue rioting until the government collapses.

Take a Hard Look
Listen-up. This is no joke. We can't make this stuff up. When you know what to look for - it's all there! American is under attack from within. Unfortunately many don't recognize it yet. They haven't connected the dots yet. There is a movement underway to follow the steps outlined above. It's happening right before your eyes today. Look around. It's in plain sight.

Don't be fooled into believing this CRAP can't or won't happen. Trust that the election results (especially if Romney wins) are the will of the people. Believe that there are those who want to overthrow our government. They WILL use the election as their excuse. Make your like-minded friends and family aware of the Soros plan. Don't allow it to happen. Don't become part of the planned hysteria that will result from these activities.

You're smarter than that. Don't become part of the mob mentality. Have your own plan of action.

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