Monday, October 8, 2012

IRAN Is Getting Nukes

When You Vote
Remember when you go to vote for President of the US, that President Obama has allowed IRAN to create and develop nuclear weapons. The Middle East is much less safe and Obama's foreign policy of appeasement and apologies is NOT working.

Do you REALLY believe that Obama has done a good job in the Middle East. Do you believe that the disastrous attacks in Libya were caused by a video and a spontaneous uprising? Obama has tried to cover-up the fact that THIS WAS A TERRORIST ATTACK. It occurred under HIS watch. This is the THIRD TERRORIST ATTACK under HIS watch. (The Shoe Bomber, and the Fort Hood Massacre).

Ask yourself if we can afford any more of these failures to protect Americans both here and abroad.

We need to get rid of Obama from the White House. He is NOT performing up to expectations.

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