Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Keep The Pressure On

The three major scandals in the White House must not be allowed to fade away. The most outrageous is the IRS abuse and discrimination. Their admitted targeting political organizations on a "Enemies List" is reason enough to ABOLISH this organization. Their credibility is trash. The IRS is also in charge of enforcing ObamaCare. Can you trust them any longer? Should you?

What's worse is that IF President Obama had ANYTHING to do with this abuse of government power, he can be IMPEACHED. If that's true, he should be! No one should be above the law - including Barack Obama and his lying minions. It's time to stop the corruption at the highest levels of the government.

This is why we who believe that this administration is ignoring the laws of the land, MUST keep the pressure on all our politicians to get the TRUTH out instead of all the lies, deflections, and misinformation from top government officials on a variety of topics.

Action To Take
Keep the focus on these three government scandals. This is exactly how the Watergate scandal began (times three!). Watergate brought-down President Nixon for his abuse of Presidential power. Obama may face the same thing when we hear the TRUTH.

This administration has over stepped their powers and have destroyed all credibility. They must be held accountable and where applicable, prosecuted to the fullest. We cannot tolerate abuse of power in the Republic.

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