Thursday, May 16, 2013

Never On Time

Being late takes on many facits depending on the events, and the circumstances for being late. When it comes to work however, there is only one rule: Always be on time. Career coaches always instruct career climbers this important message. Punctuality matters and should never be taken for granted.

Unfortunately, no one ever taught this important message to the leader of the free world, President Obama. Example: Yesterday he was over 15 minutes late for his press conference. In fact, he's always late for his press conferences. Look at his public record.

Being late for appointments and meetings is a way of showing the people who are waiting - your disrespect and or contempt for them. In Obama's case, he's a narcissist and he thinks that HIS time is much more important than yours. He shows it every day by being late for meetings, conferences, and other work-related functions. In a word, he's just plain RUDE and Insonsiderate!

Tardiness also displays that a serious lack of organization and gives the impression that you do not like the people you are about to meet. It may also indicate that he is NOT the master of his life and that he lacks foresight. Being tardy also shows that he's incapable of anticipating problems and dealing with them as they arise. This sends the message that Obama is NOT in control over his own life.

Obama's tardiness shows also that he's a fibber. If you say you'll meet someone at 9:00 AM and you're always late this shows that your word means little on even trivial things like being on time, so how can you be trusted on more important things? You can't. We know Obama lies, it's making the headlines this week.

Being punctual shows that you value your own time. Being late is a self-destructive pattern. However, in Obama's case, this is probably not the case because his gigantic ego is the problem and gets in the way.

Obama is perpetually late. We deserve better and we are getting tired of his DISRESPECT for those around him as well as to the American public.

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