Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Who's In Charge?

President Obama has made several claims in recent days and they all indicate that he's had NOTHING to do with the tree current scandals rocking his administration. So lets take that for face value. OK, so if he doesn't know what's going on who in the HELL is running the country? Seriously, who's in charge. Obama says it's not his fault for any of the three current scandals.

Don't Believe Him
Obama's credibility is GONE forever. His administration has been caught LYING to the American public over and over deliberately. Obama denies any wrong doing or malfeasance. We cannot believe him any longer. He lies to us every day and it continues as we write this.

Look, if you were facing a collapse of your "empire", would you admit that you were involved in telling the troops to stand-down in Benghazi? No, of course not. If your Internal Revenue Service (IRS) admits that they broke the law by targeting political groups for discrimination (just like Nixon's Enemy List) would you admit any part of it? No, of course not - even though you are the top guy. If your Department of Justice (DOJ) gets caught ILLEGALLY snooping into the press corps phone records, jeopardizing their news sources and breaking the law, would you admit that your had anything to do with that act? No, of course not. You would try and point your finger somewhere else and deflect attention away from you. Look at the facts, Obama NEVER takes responsibility for HIS actions.

Old Hat
It's NEVER Obama's fault. He either blames George Bush or says he doesn't know anything about anything. So what the HELL are we paying him for? Seriously, if he's not in the loop, then who is the person hiding behind the curtain in the White House? Who's making these life or death decisions?

This government is so corrupt, that the lies are blatant from the White House and yet no one seems to care. It's time to stop this administration from deceiving the American public any longer.

We should all be scared, but not stupid. This government is ABUSING its powers in a tyrannical way. It's breaking the laws of the land deliberately and in a calculated way. We need to keep the pressure on the White House until we get the TRUTH for "a change we can believe." Congress has the Constitutional power to investigate and prosecute wrong doings. DEMAND THIS ACTION. Tell Congress to do THEIR job for a change. No one seems to want to rock the boat. But they better, because the boat's sinking and we're all in it together.

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