Tuesday, June 25, 2013

America's Death Blow

Obama will break the "news" today of his blatant and open attacks against America's coal industry. Obama HATES coal and always has. He's trying to please the overzealous environmentalists who want NO COAL producing plants in the US. Since he couldn't pass the "Cap and Trade" bill which punishes everyone who uses energy, he has taken a new approach. Obama will use the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to "regulate" the coal industry out-of-business. That way, he totally circumvents the law of the land and ignores the "checks and balances" that our Founders put in place for people like him. The end result is that YOUR energy costs will become prohibitive!

Besides having a man who is unscrupulous and will do ANYTHING to promote his Collapse America Plan, Obama just keeps on skirting around Congress and abuses his office on a regular basis. The sad part is that no one in Congress will stand up to him and challenge his actions. That's pathetic.

America is in decline. Obama knows it and will continue to push the US hard into the ground every chance he gets. Raise your voices America, this is a WAR against you and your freedoms. Let the uninformed become aware of these attacks and scandals that are happening from the most corrupted government in our history.

Killing the coal industry will strike a death blow to America. Don't allow this to happen.

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