Saturday, June 29, 2013

More Than Your Phone

The National Security Agency (NSA) may have been data mining more than just your phone information. 26 US Senators are trying to determine exactly what the NSA has been gathering ILLEGALLY from US citizens. These Senators have stated "We are concerned that by depending on secret interpretations of the PATRIOT Act that differed from an intuitive reading of the statute, this program essentially relied for years on a secret body of law."

The Senators noted that the NSA has ABUSED Section 215 of the Patriot Act. (Another example of unintended consequences of their legislation that destroys liberties). They are concerned that the NSA is using the information gained to secretly create a National Gun Registry. Abusing Section 215 can "allow" the NSA to collect the following information about you:

  • Credit card purchases
  • Pharmacy records
  • Library records
  • Firearm sales records
  • Financial information

… and a range of other "sensitive subjects."

The Obama government claims and defends this spying saying that "it helped thwart several terrorist acts" without describing any of them. In other words, not backing up their statements with ANY facts. Do you believe them? Should you?

Just because Obama WANTS a National Gun Registry, doesn't mean that he can go ahead and create one in VIOLATION of the Constitution. These activities have to stop. Demand that Congress impose strict controls and ABOLISH the PATRIOT ACT once and for all. JAIL those who have violated the Patriot Act. Make them accountable or these activities will not stop. Does anyone care?

Look America, you cannot permit the government to steal your liberties and abuse your freedoms any longer. This will result in less freedom and a totalitarian government.

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