Wednesday, June 26, 2013


There is a parliamentary procedure that quickly brings a debate to a sudden halt, without much discussion. That's called "Invoking Cloture." The US Senate took a cloture vote to JAM-THROUGH the Immigration bill. The motion passed - with the help of 15 "REPUBLICANS IN NAME ONLY. (RINOs)" The vote was 67 to 27.

Here are the names of the 15 RINOS

  • Lamar Alexander (R, TN)
  • Kelly Ayotte    (R, NH)
  • Jeffrey Chiesa  (R, NJ)
  • Susan Collins   (R, ME)
  • Bob Corker      (R, TN)
  • Jeff Flake      (R, AZ)
  • Lindsey Graham  (R, SC)
  • Orrin Hatch     (R, UT)
  • Dean Heller     (R, NV)
  • John Hoeven     (R, ND)
  • Mark Kirk       (R, IL)
  • John McCain     (R, AZ)
  • Lisa Murkowski  (R, AK)
  • Marco Rubio     (R, FL)
  • Roger Wicker    (R, MS)

If your Senator is in this list, they are no friend of freedom, liberty, or in closing the borders. You cannot TRUST the people on this list if you have Conservative values. These people want to give AMNESTY to ILLEGALS before considering closing our borders. By voting YES for cloture, they did NOT allow any time to read the 1,100 page bill. We've seen this tactic before, in ObamaCare. Pass the bill first - then find out what's in it.

It's time to get rid of these people from office. They are NOT "Republicans."

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