Monday, June 24, 2013

Freedom is DEAD in America

Maryland not only taxes rainfall that strikes your property, it also discriminates against the Tea Party - just like the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does. The Democrats in Maryland accused their local Tea Party of having "violent tendencies" without ANY proof. Just allegations. This resulted in the local law enforcement agencies (POLICE) banning the Tea Party from attending any upcoming all town hall events. Their right to gather has been squelched.

So in other words, if they don't like YOUR politics, you can't come to a public meeting any longer. The Constitution does not apply to them.

Keep in mind that when the "Occupy Wall Street" gangs were allowed to take-over public parks, rape, murder, and to destroy property with NO accountability. The Democrats supported those efforts without complaint - even President Obama. "The ends justify the means." That's because they WANT to collapse the system. But when their political opposition speaks-out, they SILENCE THEM any way they can. Their logic: "We disagree with your politics, so you can't live here - move somewhere else." History repeats itself. This is the same behavior that the NAZI Party displayed towards Jews in the 1930's. (It's coming). Join us or die. Better "RED" than Dead.

This is about as un-American as you can get. It's also ILLEGAL - but frankly, they don't care any longer. They have infiltrated all aspects of our society. Freedom's enemies are getting stronger. The behavior in Maryland is not unique any more. These people may have been born here, but they ARE NOT Americans. They are enemies of YOUR freedom and liberty.

This isn't America any longer folks. Don't let politicians get away of destroying your freedoms. It's time to stand up for your RIGHTS America before they ALL disappear in every state. It's happening right now as you read this.

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