Sunday, June 23, 2013

Don't Be Fooled Again

That's the title of a 1970's song. It's message was that you should not be fooled again because the "new guy" is just like the "old guy." This remains especially true with today's politicians.

To illustrate this point, RINO Marco Rubio (R, FL) is the perfect example. While running for his seat in the US Senate, Rubio proclaimed that he was a full supporter of the Tea Party and their ideals. He was elected because the public believed his message and actually thought that he would represent them well in Washington.

Current behavior of Rubio indicates that the Senator is a LIAR. He is a TURNCOAT who lied to get the support he needed to get elected, and now he has turned his back on the people who gave their support to him. Typical of a TRUE PROGRESSIVE Politician. The ends justify the means.

Rubio speaks out of both sides of his mouth, and when it comes to his voting record, you can see the "Real" Rubio. Rubio claimed that we should close our borders before considering giving AMNESTY to ILLEGALS. Sounds right. But when he voted last week NOT TO CLOSE THE BORDERS & to give AMNESTY instead, that kinda tells the whole story.

Rubio has betrayed his original supporters. He's NOT defending American liberties. He is NOT the man he led us to believe he was. He has betrayed those who believed in him. He's just another charlatan politician and can no longer be trusted. He's siding with the opposition on the Immigration legislation. Amnesty first, then maybe, sometime, perhaps NEVER, close the borders.

Citizens of Florida have been HAD!

"Don't Be Fooled Again."

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