Wednesday, June 5, 2013


At an evening fund raiser with over 200 willing participants, there was one in the audience who became a protester and a heckler. "Queen" Michelle was speaking when someone had the gall to stand up and shout her down. It happened to be a lesbian activist wanting Obama to sign an anti-discrimination executive order.

Being a lady of little or NO class herself, Michelle handled the situation by saying that if the heckler didn't shut up she was leaving. Too bad the heckler couldn't continue. It would have been amusing to see Michelle walk away from the event pouting over her hurt pride.

Showing her true colors and having a "hissy fit" is a good example of how our classless First Lady REALLY behaves. We should all feel sorry for Michelle and perhaps take up a collection to give her instructional classes in etiquette, as well as public speaking.

Should we feel embarrassed for her since she ISN'T? You can't sympathize with ignorance.

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