Saturday, June 8, 2013

What Will They Do With It?

So you haven't complained about the government spying on you because you've got nothing to hide. Fine. So the government is collecting phone American's records. So what? Didn't they just do that to a reporter? So the government is saving all your FaceBook and Twitter comments. Big Deal. So the government has been doing this for at least 7 years under the guise of the "Patriot Act" defending citizens from "Terrorists." Ok. So the government is actively building a $2 BILLION dollar facility in Utah to store the collected data on Americans. Yeah sure.

Do you seriously believe Obama when he says that Americans are NOT being targeted by the NSA's spying? The mere fact that they ARE collecting YOUR data means that they ARE TARGETING you and fellow Americans. This information gathering is labeled "CLASSIFIED" and is not subject to ANY oversight unless you have government clearance.

In light of the ABUSE and ILLEGAL activities coming to light regarding the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) how are we supposed to believe ANYTHING coming from this administration? The credibility of the IRS is shot and so is that of the White House staff AND the President.

Now we're suppose to believe that this spying on us is for our own good? Pardon me for being skeptical. This administration is involved in the most scandals of ANY presidency in American history. We are supposed to believe the people who lie, deceive, and abuse. This makes no logical sense. How can you trust a government that cannot be honest? You can't.

Bottom Line
Your government is using all its powers to gather personal information on its citizens. No matter how they spin it - THAT's Government Surveillance. It's SPYING.

Just what the HELL will they do with all this information? It can be twisted and used against you for whatever reason the government decides. That's not for YOUR "national security." We have no assurances that this won't happen. EXAMPLE: The IRS.

Don't trust the Spin coming from the government. We are under attack and we'd better start pushing back.

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