Friday, June 7, 2013

In Case You Haven't Noticed

If you haven't been paying any attention to the world around you because you're too busy with your life, you'd better stop and take a look around. The Obama administration is buried knee deep in political scandals and corruption. These things have a direct impact on your life and on your future.

The Benghazi cover-up was a practice run for the current big government scandals. True, Benghazi didn't impact your life, but it set the tone for how the Obama administration deals with their shortcomings, lack of integrity, and malfeasance. In essence, they plead ignorance and deny all involvement. They delay all requests for more information hoping the interest will fade away. They blame responsibility on someone other than the REAL individual. They give false statements to the American public. If that doesn't work, they lie to Congress and commit perjury whenever they can to omit being detected as the REAL culprit.

Your big government is reaching into your lives in ways never conceived before. They are seriously abusing of the Patriot Act and have been doing so for the past seven years. The NSA (National Security Agency) has been spying on American citizens without warrants. Not just one or two citizens - but MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of us! They have been procuring phone records for all Verizon (and most likely ALL other) phone companies under the guise of "National Security." Why? Who has access to these records? What will they use them for? Why so many? They are keeping these records for later use when they deem it necessary. They will decide what, how, when and where. We are all at risk.

They are gathering so much information that the NSA is building a data center in Utah to house the ever expanding database they are building. This new site was featured on TV recently and remains a fairly secret project. No one from NSA would accept an invitation to be interviewed about this new building site, which is mammoth in size. It's going to house YOUR INFORMATION!

The Obama administration gives a new meaning to Big Government spying, intrusion, intimidation, corruption, law breaking, and incompetence. If you don't care or continue ignoring it, they you will get what YOU deserve. If you don't speak-out now, your freedoms will disappear completely under a totalitarian government.

Wake up America - "Lights on, nobody home."

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