Monday, June 3, 2013

Obama Dodges UN Treaty Signing

Our illustrious President was slated to sign the United Nations International Gun Control Treaty today, but didn't show up. He has passed on signing the gun-ban treaty for now mainly because he needs more votes to confirm it in the Senate. He doesn't just have enough support.

Keep in mind that if Obama signs this treaty he's giving-up American sovereignty and destroying the Bill of Rights. Frankly, he doesn't care. He still needs the Senate to "approve" of the treaty to make it valid and become law. If they DO, the only way to negate it is by a Constitutional amendment which is most unlikely.

Obama postponed the signing, but still can sign it when he thinks he's got enough Senatorial support. In addition, he will sign it on a Friday when everyone is already thinking about the weekend.

It's time to pressure your US Senators into NOT supporting this treaty. It's Anti-American and eliminates the 2nd Amendment by putting the UN in charge of our guns.

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