Thursday, June 6, 2013


The latest rumors flying around the planet have to do with the Bilderbergs. These are the people who meet secretly once a year to discuss the "New World Order" in which they want to be in full control.

Recall that before Obama was elected both he and Hillary attended that meeting in 2008. Was it just a coincidence that they both were there?

Anyway, the latest Bilderberg rumor has it that they REALLY want to reduce the world's population because frankly, there are too many people on the planet and not enough food to feed them all. One way to do this is the most obvious - WAR. Keep the wars going and this will definitely contribute to a reduction of inhabitants. There have been massive inhalations of populations throughout our illustrious history. This is because wars work well to limit populations. Also allowing gangs in large cities works towards achieving this goal. Another way is by some lethal illness - much like the Bubonic Plague which dominated and decimated Europe. We now have new versions of the SARs virus which seems to accomplish the same goal. Are they man-made? Who knows for sure.

However, the most current way is to be a bit more subtle. It has to do with health care. It's way too expensive to treat seniors who won't be around much longer. Why bother wasting the resources, time or money? So the idea is to "limit" treatment by stalling or denying - hoping they will die on their own. Many do when this methodology is employed. Great Britain, for example and now through ObamaCare here in the USA. This also works for young people as well. Case in point, the 10 year old girl who needs a lung transplant. She was denied for bureaucratic reasons. The government's Kathleen Sebelious said "some people have to live and some have to die." Is she a Bilderberg?

There's also another subtle method of reducing population. Abortion. The mayor of New York just made it easier for inhabitants to have abortions with few questions asked. We learned this technique of population reduction from our enemy China, who have used abortions to keep their population under control.

Whether or not these are deliberate actions is unproven. However, it seems interesting to observe who's promoting actions that help reduce world population. Learn from it.

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