Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Obama Media At Work

If you don't think there is any media bias, look again. The Zimmerman trial deflects your attention away from all the White House scandals. How do they do this? CNN News reported George Zimmerman's Social Security number, telephone number, address, and his date-of-birth. Gee, do you suppose he may be troubled with IDENTITY THEFT? Does he deserve this SMEAR?

CNN has already tried and convicted Zimmerman in their "objective" news coverage. They did this on purpose to create ILL WILL towards Zimmerman. They are hoping to generate massive civil unrest if Zimmerman gets "off" on the charges against him. They are not the only media doing this. Obama's state-controlled media are THE criminals.

CNN is RACE-BATING their watchers. Don't be fooled America. They are deliberately charging the emotional atmosphere created by the trial. They have a hidden agenda. Create a LYNCH MOB.

They are not only shameful, but despicable too.

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