Sunday, June 30, 2013

Watch The DOW

In case you didn't notice, the Federal Reserve is threatening to stop printing money (called QE3 or Quantitative Easing). As soon as Chairman Bernanke mentioned this, the stock market took a 500 point dive. He has been flooding the stock market with worthless paper money for quite some time. As a result, your dollars are worth less and it take more of them to buy things. Example: Groceries.

So when the "Fed" finally stops creating the stock market "bubble" by propping up the bond market, there WILL be an economic CRASH. It won't be a simple recession, it will be a major DEPRESSION. You money will become worthless over night. Savings wiped-out, retirement funds crashed, all in the snap of your fingers. This has happened before - AND it will happen again. History DOES repeat itself.

Obama has put the USA into "Collapse Mode." He spends more money than all Presidents before him and he keeps on spending. Example: He and Michelle (FLOTUS) are taking a vacation in Africa at the estimated cost of between $60 - 100 MILLION dollars of taxpayer money. Americans can't afford to pay for this trip and he knows it. This is the "CHANGE" he was talking about. He's deliberately trying to collapse America's economy and it's working.

Then what? If you haven't prepared, it will be too late for you and your family. This isn't a "How-To-Prepare" description, merely a warning to prepare. The CRASH IS COMING. Look around. Are things getting better under Obama? Has unemployment gotten better? Are people confident in the government or are they more afraid? All things point to a looming disaster and it IS coming. Is the government stockpiling arms, ammunition, and yes, food? For what? To use against civil uprisings!

So how much time do you have? No one has a crystal ball. Just watch what's happening in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW) numbers. When they start plummeting - the crash is under way. It's getting close.

Are you and your family ready for it?

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