Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Plot Thickens

Remember before the election when Obama had an open microphone while talking to Russia's Medveded and he promised him that he would have "more flexibility after the elections?" Well, that statement is finally beginning to make sense.

Last week President Obama quietly reached an agreement with Russia behind closed doors. The agreement completed requests that Russia send a minimum of 15,000 troops who are trained in "Disaster Relief" and "Crowd Functions" (alias Riot Control) for the "Upcoming disaster."

This deal was made on Obama's behalf by Homeland Security Director, Janet Napolatano. These troops would work directly with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). Their mission: "To secure the continuity of the US government." The area specified for these troops includes; Washington D.C. and the surrounding States of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. The Russian Minister Puchkov stated, "We have decided that the US Federal Emergency Management Agency and Russia’s Emergencies Ministry will work together to develop systems to protect people and territory from cosmic impacts."

Questions to ask:

  1. What's the upcoming disaster?
  2. Why does Obama want Soviet troops to protect the White House?
  3. Why can't he rely on US troops?
  4. Isn't this request/deal unprecedented in American History?
  5. Is this linked to the build up of arms, ammunition, armored personnel carriers, and riot gear purchased by the DHS?
  6. Is Obama planning for a military coup to take over America?


  1. Obama knows something we don't. He's preparing for Civil Unrest here in America.
  2. Obama wants Russian troops to protect the White House because they will NOT hesitate in shooting Americans.
  3. US soldiers will NOT shoot fellow Americans - even when order to do so. That order would create instant insubordination and chaos in our military. Obama knows that.
  4. This has never been done before in our history.
  5. This is interrelated. The DHS IS Obama's new army. However he needs more people than he has in order to accomplish his goal - so he went outside our borders.
  6. One could argue that Obama IS planning on taking full control. It makes logical sense when looking at these facts. 

Action To Take
Start asking these questions. Let family and friends become aware of this new secret agreement made with the Russians. Tell your Congressional representatives to start inquiries. DEMAND ANSWERS!!!!

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