Monday, July 1, 2013

The REAL War

Everyday we hear about ILLEGALS crossing our borders - mainly the southern borders. Politicians know it, but always try to ignore that fact. The reality is that we are being "INVADED" but no one with political power seems to care. America is seriously being infiltrated by people who are for the most part, illiterate. That's the KEY. These people invading are uneducated. That's what makes them so appealing to the ruling class. Many bring the dreaded tuberculosis along with them. They are not staying in the border states either. They are everywhere. This IS a war against American sovereignty. The reported "10" million ILLEGALS is a lie. The true number is at least double that one - maybe a lot more.Look around, see what I mean?

The political class (both sides) will not stop them. They refuse to enforce existing laws and do little to stem the invaders. In fact, many politicians actually encourage this influx. Americans remain perplexed at this.

We see the "Gang of 8" try to jam-down our throats their slick version of "AMNESTY for ILLEGALS" and sugar coat it with promises to close the border, without ANY way to do so. Their solution is NOT meant to close the border. It's meant to SHUT-YOU-UP about closing the borders. They WANT the invasion to continue so they can continue their ambition to political supremacy. They feel the power that they have now and want more. Much more. That's why Liberal/Progressives support all the things that will DESTROY America like abortion, expensive energy schemes, gay (homosexual) marriage, euthanasia, death panels, contraception and so on. All these things make Americans submissive and totally dependent on Big Government. They are following the old rule: "Divide and conquer."

The RINO (Republican In Name Only) wing has now become the "Republican Party." This is why conservative voters are fooled over and over. RINOS HATE the Tea Party as well as any Libertarian. They just call themselves "Republicans," but they are not. Here are some striking high-profile examples:

  • Marco Rubio
  • Lindsey Graham
  • John McCain
  • Warren Hatch

They all sing the same song. They all say that they are "Republicans." But look at their voting records. Most people don't. If they did, these guys would NOT remain in office. They do NOT support Conservative values OR defend the Constitution. ("Meet the old boss, same as the new boss").

We truly need a NEW party. The old one has been corrupted. Either vote-out the turncoats (which is not likely), or start a new party. Time is running out America.

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