Monday, August 26, 2013

Ironic Twist

It really is ironic that the GOP resents the Tea Party as much as they do. Those who dislike the ideology of the Tea Party refer to them as "The Tea Party Fringe." Are they that far apart in their beliefs? Let's see what the Tea Party stands for...

  • Lower Taxes
  • Less government
  • Stop spying or killing American citizens
  • Abolish Political Correctness
  • Mandatory voter ID to vote to eliminate fraud
  • Eliminate the IRS and start a Flat tax that everyone pays
  • Abolish ObamaCare
  • Enforce a balanced budget amendment
  • Install Term Limits
  • Enforcement the Constitution
  • Re-install the gold standard
  • Close America's borders

The reason for the GOP split is simply that the established Elite "Republicans" do NOT want to rock the boat. They want to leave things in Washington just the way they are. The elites love the power they have and will not relinquish it easily. They have given-up Conservative values and have become moderate "DEMOCRATS" instead. The Tea Party are true Conservatives. Hence the clash. The "Republicans" in power now are NOT Republicans. Instead they label true Conservatives as "Extremists" or "Fringe" groups to never be trusted. Ironically, THEY are the problem - not the ones defending the Founding Fathers.

In the mid-term elections, we need to vote-out all incumbent "Republicans" (RINOS) and replace them with Tea Party candidates.

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