Saturday, August 31, 2013

Trust The Government?

Recent scandals have shown Americans that big government is overextending its powers and abusing them as well. Most obvious examples are the IRS and the NSA. It seems like each day we find-out new details on how they have attacked your privacy and your liberties by singling you out.

The President goes on TV and says that the government is NOT spying on Americans and that we have nothing to worry about. Three days later, we get reports that the NSA has been spying on ALL Internet activities of ALL Americans. These revelations continue day after day.

The government's response is that "we're sorry and it won't happen again." They provide no assurances on how they will avoid breaking the law again, namely because they will continue to do so. AND, no one has been held accountable for breaking the law or no one has been punished either. The government won't pursue those activities.

If you haven't figured it out yet, here's what this means; you can't TRUST the government, or the President. That's right, none of them. Politicians are widely known to be great at dodging the truth and making non-disclosing statements. However, we have seen the Attorney General purjure himself, as did the CIA Director.

One of the root causes for these governmental abuses is the Patriot Act. Congress "renewed" the act under the Obama administration and added several new powers that big government is abusing under the guise of protecting Americans. This has to stop and the only way is to ABOLISH the Patriot Act.

Your freedoms are being dissolved and the excuse is that the government is protecting you. Is it worth it?

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