Friday, August 30, 2013

No Eminent Threat

Obama, the war mongering community organizer and Nobel Peace Prize winner, has no plan for Syria. There is no strategy. He has no exit plan. He just wants to teach them a lesson. He has turned our closest allies away from supporting us. This is another war without an end. He wants to fire 200 Tomahawk missiles and destroy what? Kill who? This is Obama's can of worms and he can't blame anyone but himself for it. Obama has no clue about what Russia and China will do if he attacks Syria. He's way over his capabilities in foreign affairs. That's BAD news for us.

Obama provides no explanation of HIS "Military Action" which is is a euphemism for "WAR" because he has none. Obama calls it a "Tactile Strike." He hasn't justified his war against Syria to the American people because he doesn't know what he's doing. Syria has not threatened America or given Obama any reason to believe that they are going to attack the USA. Obama has no idea of how Russia will react to his attacks against their ally. This "Tactile Strike" could start World War III. Doesn't he get it? We are not the World Police Department or the World's "Nanny." Syria and the world now knows for certain that Obama is all blow and no show.  Obama is totally INCOMPETENT.

His blundering and lack of understanding geopolitics has gotten him into a corner. Obama has painted himself into a place where he has no way out. All by himself Obama is castrating himself. He has shown the world that he is incapable of leading the world's Super Power without showing his own weakness.

This ALSO hurts the US and Americans. The eyes of the world are watching as Obama fumbles and threatens war without ANY Congressional approval. He's a joke and making a fool of himself. His narcissism is getting in the way of thinking clearly about potentially starting World War III.

He focuses on Syria taking his eyes off of Iran and their nuclear weapons development. Chemical weapons will look like toys when Iran unleashes atomic weapons on their enemies - namely Israel and the United States of America. Easily distracted, and easily confused Obama continues to support the wrong side or make stupid mistakes, humiliating himself, our military, and America.

This is not only DISGUSTING but it is DANGEROUS for Americans. The world now sees the USA as a Super Power in serious decline. We should all be scared that Obama is in charge and could cause the next World War.

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