Thursday, August 29, 2013

War Monger Obama

As reported yesterday, Nobel Peace Prize winner, President Obama, has unilaterally "decided" to attack Syria. Recall that Syria is currently having a civil war. Both sides of that war are our enemies. Instead of letting them kill each other, DICTATOR obama decides to chose sides and attack using 200 Tomahawk missiles. Incidentally each missile costs a tad over $1.5 MILLION dollars a pop. That's about $300 MILLION dollars that Obama will spend in two days. Obama says that he will attack with or without United Nations approval.

The best part of this War Monger's attack is that the White House has already leaked where and when they will launch the missiles. Talk about STUPID! This is our "Commander in Chief" in action. His cabinet are amateurs just like he is and they are ALL clueless when it comes to foreign affairs. What can you expect from a community organizer who NEVER held a management position before becoming President. That's OUR fault and now we are paying for it - big time.

Apparently Obama doesn't recall that (back in 2007) his then US Senator Joe Biden was blathering about George Bush starting wars without Congressional approval as being an IMPEACHABLE offense.

We have come full circle. Does Joe Biden still support his 2007 position on this situation? Probably not.

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