Tuesday, August 27, 2013

World Police Department

So now we are putting our nose into Syria's civil war and choosing sides again. President Obama thinks he has the right to interfere with that situation using the guise of "Humanitarian Principles." Mr. "Do Good" for the sake of humanity is back in action.

Obama has NO authority to step-in to another country's problems. We are NOT the World-Wide-Police Department, but Obama knows this and doesn't care. He wants to spread our military forces so thin that they can break. He also knows that we cannot afford another war, but goes ahead anyway without Congressional approval. That's just wrong.

So what exactly does it take before Congress draws the line and begins to seriously begin the IMPEACHMENT process. Obama cannot lawfully declare wars without the approval of Congress  - but that's exactly what he's doing. This isn't the first time either. His track record isn't very good. As Commander in Chief, he usually picks the WRONG side to support. Egypt is his most recent blunder.

US citizens are worried about our enemies. Well it's time to look from within. This President isn't doing ANY Americans any favors. His foreign policies are a JOKE and his domestic policies and regulations are destroying the very fabric of our economy.

Demand that Congress take actions to hold this President responsible once and for all. He's deliberately trying to collapse this country from within. Also DEMAND that we get the HELL out of Syria and let them handle their own Civil War without US interference.

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