Sunday, September 15, 2013

Armed Federal Agencies (Bullies)

Are you aware that the federal government has more than just a few government agencies that carry firearms? There are over 70 armed agencies in the Obama government. The includes the Department of Social Security. Why is this?

Notably the latest is the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) who's job is to protect the environment. Their mission statement is to "Protect human health and the environment." So why does the EPA carry firearms and wear body armor? A recent armed EPA raid in Alaska has focused light on the revelation about Obama's federal agencies using forearms to "Enforce" their policies. This is nothing more than Big Government intimidation! It seems that the EPA used armed agents to "Investigate" and look for "violations" of the Clean Water Act in the tiny mining town of Chicken, Alaska.

Other armed agencies involved in this raid on the tiny village included the FBI, the US Fish & Wildlife Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the Coast Guard, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the US Park Service. All were armed and were assisting the EPA.

Just what the HELL is going on here? This doesn't sound like America - more like AMERIKA or Oba-MeriKa!

Of course the EPA defended its menacing use of armed officers in Alaska by saying "Environmental law enforcement, like other forms of law enforcement, always involves the potential for physical, even armed, confrontation." Oh Really? We're not buying that BLATHER!

However Alaska's governor Sean Parnell is investigating this "incident" saying "This level of intrusion and intimidation of Alaskans is absolutely unacceptable." The EPA had no sound reason for being so confrontational with the citizens of this little village. Instead, the EPA used Gestapo-like tactics to intimidate and threaten US citizens.

This is the Obama "Government" at work. How much more do you need to see or hear about before you get the message that Obama is abusing the laws of the land and authorizing his minions to do the same?

Don't you find it strange that the Ministry of Propaganda (the Media) never reported this to you?

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