Thursday, September 19, 2013

Obama Lies Again

In a speech yesterday, Obama had the gaul to announce that "Raising the debt ceiling does not increase our debt." Apparently Obama flunked General Math 101 or maybe it's just that he is the world's BIGGEST LIAR! In his speech Obama dismissed concerns about raising the debt limit citing that it has been done many times previously. However, what he forgot to point out is that never before has the United States credit ratings been lowered under his administration and that out national debt has NEVER been this high.

So to put it in simpler terms what Obama is saying is; If you raise your credit card limit, you don't have any more debt to worry about. REALLY? If you spend up to your credit card limit and then extend the limit, you still have to pay-back all that you have charged PLUS INTEREST - not to mention the new limit of borrowing.

Obama money logic is that of a MORON. Obama can't even make it one year before HIS government outspends its own limits and pleads for more credit extensions (increase the debt limits). This is Big Government spending which is totally OUT-OF-CONTROL.

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