Friday, September 20, 2013

Screwed-Up America

Have you ever seen America this screwed up before? Look around there are several examples.

  • Obama draws the "Red Line" and then backs-down from re-enforcing it making him weak and self-humiliating. Obama allows the Russians to intervene and become the peacemakers - giving Assad a big win instead of getting rid of him. Obama is out-classed in foreign affairs and doesn't realize it.
  • The National Security Agency is caught ILLEGALLY spying on Americans and there is no one held accountable.
  • Obama uses the Internal Revenue Service to punish his political opponents and they put the person in charge - on a paid leave of absence. No further action is taken.
  • Four Americans are killed in Benghazi. The media interviews the suspects while the Obama administration can't seem to locate the suspects. Nothing further to report because the stonewalling continues.
  • The Obama administration allows firearms to be sold to the Mexican Drug Cartel and when our Border Patrol officer is killed by one of OUR weapons, Eric Holder decides to stonewall that scandal. He lies under oath and is never fired or prosecuted. No one is held accountable for the idiotic program that cost an American life.
  • The city of Chicago is a bloodbath every week. Tens of people get killed and shot while the Progressives look the other way ignoring ANY responsibility to fix that problem because its blacks killing blacks. Progressives need black votes so they do nothing to help them.
  • Two individuals granted TOP Security Clearances turn out to be a whistle blower and a murderer. The company that granted both of them the clearance is contracted by the US government. After these acts, the government deciders to "vet" the vetting company.
  • Several TERRORIST attacks happen under Obama's watch. He labels one "Work Place Violence" even though the perpetrator cried "Alla Akbar" while killing Americans. Boston is bombed by TERRORISTS. Benghazi Libya embassy is attacked and four Americans are killed. Obama covers-up the fact that his CIA was ILLEGALLY selling weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood (our enemies). Investigations performed never asked HILLARY CLINTON (the person in charge) any questions. She is never held accountable because they (Progressives) want her to run for President in 2016.
  • Obama's foreign policy logic is NOT to send troops or help the Americans in Benghazi, but he would rather start World War III in Syria by helping our enemies once again.
  • Congress has to keep raising the debt ceiling every several months because Obama can't give away your tax money fast enough on things like Obama phones, welfare to ILLEGALS, and food stamps for almost 50 million people. Obama claims that "raising the debt ceiling doesn't increase our debt." Stupid Americans believe his lies because they "Like" Obama.
  • The government unilaterally jams a health care law down our throats and then refuses to roll-out the parts they don't like. Then Obama makes what he calls "Exceptions" or "Exemptions" to the law to his friends (including Congress) while castigating the rest of the population. Meanwhile ObamaCare diminishes work hours causing more layoffs and cuts to the 40 hour work week to avoid the government penalties.
  • And on and on and on… infinitum.

This is NOT America. This is Obama's Amerika. If you think things are bad now, just wait, Obama has three more years to kill the coal industry and our economy. He'll do everything he can to succeed.

Have a nice day America.

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