Saturday, September 21, 2013

More Government Spying

If you're one of those commuters who tries to make life easier, then here's something you should know. If you have had a state-owned transponder installed in your car, you may be monitored more than you think. States are now using transponders to track your movements.

Besides the government knowing your credit card information (along with your financial details), you could be being monitored elsewhere. For example, in the city of New York automobile transponders are being monitored by the government to "aid in the flow of traffic." In other words, they are watching where you go, for how long you are there,  when you leave to your new destination, and in which direction. So the government is NOT just using your transponder as it was intended. No, they are using the transponder in a surreptitious way by tracking your movements without your knowledge or without your permission.

Is that what you signed-up for when you had them install this innocent device? Oh, but you have nothing to hide. Remember that coin has two sides. It may be true that you have nothing to hide, but why does the government want to secretly track (and hide the tracking of) your movements without your knowledge or permission? Isn't that a serious invasion of your personal privacy? How will the government use that information? Will it ONLY be used for traffic management or could it be used for some other nefarious means? Will they give it to your insurance company, or your employer?

So far,  New York City is the only town who has come-forth to divulge this information to the public. There has to be several other cities doing the same thing but haven't disclosed that facts. Is your town one of this places?

This is just another example of how YOUR government is NOT working for you but has taken the liberty to work in ways you never intended. Why let them continue to steal from you?

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