Wednesday, September 18, 2013

We Will Never Get the Truth

The DC shooter was a crazy man. He heard voices coming out of his microwave oven. That's some news. What the Ministry of Propaganda (the main stream media) forgot to mention is that the shooter (besides being crazy) was also a supported of Obama. They instead reported incorrectly that he used a dreaded "Assault Rifle." No, it was a shotgun that he just purchased.

So here are a few questions that come to mind: How can a crazy man legally purchase ANY firearm? How did a guy who was "Discharged" from the Navy get ANY security clearance to work as a contractor for the Department who fired him? How did he sumggle-in his shotgun onto the Navy premises? Did he really work alone or were there more involved. These are just a few questions that we will be lucky to ever learn the answers.

This has many similarities to that of the Newton CT shootings. Recall that a police helicopter showed someone running away from the school in a wooded area. Recall that the Police arrested a "suspect" that we never head about, but the arrest was recorded on video. The DC shootings has all the earmarks of yet another government coverup. It also smells like Benghazi. When Obama "investigates" we NEVER get the answers - only stonewalling!

We will never know what happened. We will only get the Obama government's version of the story.

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