Monday, September 30, 2013

Global Warming Bunk Uncovered

With climate temperatures dropping, it's hard for the environmental "Police" to claim there's man-made global warming. In the latest reports from the International Panel on Climate Change, their report scales-back the severity of the global warming threat. That's right, their report indicates that global warming isn't what the "Eco Nuts" are claiming.

Their report is so bad for the global warming movement that several governments have tried to suppress these facts. Notably leading the effort to suppress this report was the United States government (alias Barack Obama) who didn't want this report to see the light of day. Germany and Belgium were some others.

So if you're one of the so-called "Flat Earthers" you should rejoice. What the report indicates is that the modeling software "scientists" use (to predict more global warming), is erroneous and not reliable based on real-life data.

Too bad. Now the "Eco Nuts" will have to make-up some more crap to disseminate to support their cause.

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