Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It Pays To Break The Law

Remember the song lyrics "I can't get no satisfaction?" We they keep on playing over and over when it comes to Obama's BIG GOVERNMENT approach for his Amerika. Classic example: Lois Lerner - ex-director of the IRS.

Recall that Lois refused to testify in front of Congress under oath and she took the 5th Amendment privilege. She then went on full payed leave for several months. She was under "investigation" by Eric Holder.

Lois just decided to retire and receive full government retirement benefits at our expense. It seems that if you break the law while working for the Obama Administration, you receive protection, get promoted, or receive (undeservingly) a government pension.

Lois was never held accountable for breaking the law. She was never tried. Never punished to set a good example. No, nothing bad happened to Lois Lerner. Why not?

If you can't see that this is a perfect example of corruption, there's little hope. America is quickly becoming Obama's AmeriKa while you sit back and watch.

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