Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Un-Affordable Care Act

Doctors are leaving their practices. What's their incentive to stay in their practices? They have none. They are being ordered to receive less for their services, they have tons of new paperwork, and they have less control over their own lives. The latest solution for doctors is to form a concierge which includes several other doctors who all hire themselves-out 24/7 to people who can afford to pay them. Meanwhile the rest of us find that there are fewer doctors for us creating shortages, long lines, and lack of treatment.

If you think that Obama Care is free, you're an IDIOT! Who do you think is paying for YOUR HEALTHCARE? The Big Government Health Fairy? All of the latest estimates tell us that it is going to cost BILLIONS more than we were told. Thank the DEMOCRATS for lying to us. Young people are sadly finding-out that they are the ones who will be carrying the burden with increases up to $1500. Seniors will pay more for less service too, so that the government can sign-up the uninsured - including ILLEGALS.

Ironic that the government is shut-down because Congress can't function as they were designed to do. Instead they bicker, point fingers, and say it's the other guy's fault. This is the most corrupt governments in US history. It's sad, because there is no end of it in sight. There is so much corruption in both political parties we may never see it get better in our life times.

The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) is literally KILLING our economy and the American way while giving the government FULL CONTROL over your life. This massive take-over accounts for over 1/6th of our entire economy. Employers all across the nation are reducing employee hours or cutting staff so they can avoid the penalties in ObamaCare. They are also ONLY hiring part-time employees to avoid government taxes. ObamaCare is a Trojan Horse. It was designed to be complicated and force all people into the government health care system using their doctors and limiting treatment for seniors.  The government will decide what treatments you get, and when you get them. If you're dying of cancer, they will make you wait until you die before scheduling treatment. So the reality of "DEATH PANELS" isn't fiction. It's here. They decide who lives or dies.

President Obama has already violated his "Flagship Legislation" over 17 times by ILLEGALLY giving what he called "Exclusions" for big corporations, unions, and Congress. Obama has no authority to do this but Congress has never challenged him overstepping his presidential powers.

So here we are. Dead in the water. Our government is shut-down. Let it stay that way for a while. Let the dunderheads in Washington, DC realize that their careers as politicians have just been shortened because if their inability to perform their jobs.

The Answer
Fire all incumbents (both parties) running for re-election in the mid-terms in 2014. It's time to throw-out the garbage and start fresh.

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