Saturday, October 5, 2013

Federal Employee Retroactive Pay Fairness Act

Your Congress At Work
The House of Representatives just unanimously passed a bill that pays 800,000 federal employees for NOT working. This logic is what got the US into serious debt and it apparently continues. This of course adds to the nation debt and creates more borrowing which we cannot afford. The good news is that they won't get back-pay until after the shut-down.

Why shouldn't the employees who want pay for no work use their sick days instead? When you don't work in the private sector, you don't get paid.

Ironic that both political parties were in support and passed this "piecemeal" bit of legislation when they cannot even discuss other things. The Democrats want to make the shut-down as painful as possible. "The ends justify the means," which is a Saul Alinsky quote. They want to make Americans SUFFER so they will bring pressure to make the GOP cave as usual. This illustrates just how broken our government really is and why we need to clean house in the midterm elections. Neither side is looking out for you. Unfortunately, the uninformed majority of Americans are listening to the media's skewed propaganda that all supports the White House and Obama's agenda. That's PATHETIC!

Both parties blame each other for the government shut-down. They both are ignoring the looming debt crisis which is fast approaching. Our "leader" in the White House refuses to negotiate on ANY issue and threatens vetoing ANY piecemeal bill. However, Obama probably WILL sign the back-pay into law to keep his minions happy. Isn't that picking and choosing just like he accused the Republicans of doing? He did it by illegally offering ObamaCare exemptions to unions, big business, and donors to his campaign. He refuses to do so for the citizens of the land.

What a mess!

Remember who did what and when. You need to vote-out the IDIOTS who want to continue borrowing and spending without changing their wasteful habits.

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